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Define the new standard for luggage functionality with goDesk®
Understanding the Market

The global market for carry-on luggage has increased significantly in recent years, and according to industry research easily exceeds $6B annually. Business bags, casual bags and travel bags combine to create this substantial market. But it’s a market where competition is increasingly intensifying and innovations must accelerate. Enter goDesk®.

While unit sales of most carry-on luggage categories have decreased in recent years, by as much as 5% according to industry analysts, at the same time unit value has increased significantly—signaling not only the propensity to buy, but the actual behavior of discerning luggage consumers who will buy on value. Travelers require increased features and functionality, and are willing to pay for the associated value. Enter goDesk®.

Travel and work are more intertwined today than ever—the mobility mega-trend means that for millions of professionals, their work place is defined by where they are. The issue of unproductive time when traveling is now critical path…the ability to capture the many millions of under-utilized hours when traveling is imperative. Enter goDesk®.

Delivering What Travelers Want

According to travel experts—experienced travelers, travel writers, trade associations and luggage manufacturers alike—the need is now for increased functionality, value and convenience features focused specifically on enhancing the travel experience.

goDesk® delivers what the experts are saying is needed now:

  • “Focus on usability and overall function to enhance travel experience”
  • “New and different, meaningful and marketable…makes travel easier…addresses the issues when we travel…makes the travel experience better…” – Travel Goods Association Product Innovation awards
  • “Manufacturers are focusing their efforts on making travel easier, more comfortable and hassle-free for travelers” – CNN
  • “…Luggage industry must maintain a focus on innovation and design…”
Higher Unit Sales, Higher Value Point

Driving luggage decisions today are a group of consumers with increased demands and higher expectations from their travel accessories. Industry statistics clearly show that manufacturers are able to achieve higher unit sales and higher value points when consumers and travelers identify with the essential characteristics in their luggage choice.

goDesk® was designed to address these essential characteristics…the features and functionality that are the most important design elements affecting luggage purchases:

  • Lightweight
  • Handle and pole design
  • Convertibility
  • Space saving options
  • Usage of mobile devices and other gear
  • Color and customization
Translate Buying References into Purchase

Market research indicates that a few critical factors are influencing luggage purchases. And the research supports that those manufacturers and distributors that are able to deliver on these critical factors will be able to aggressively translate consumer buying patterns into purchases.

goDesk® was conceived, designed and engineered which these critical factors in mind by providing strength, functionality and durability with a hyper-light form factor. Percentage of consumers indicating that certain factors influenced their luggage purchase

  • Luggage size and dimensions – 76%
  • Luggage weight – 75%
  • Luggage features and functionality – 73%
  • Durability – 72%
  • Price – 68%
goDesk® Does It Better

The mobility mega-trend of travel-meets-workspace is accelerating a new market segment for integrated, connected luggage. New entrants such as BlueSmart, Barracuda, the Delsey Pluggage and others are receiving positive response from crowd-source campaigns and other direct-consumer outreach. And these new products are garnering buying commitments ranging up to $400/unit for a luggage piece. But while these products have interesting attributes and creative designs, none have the capability of the multi-function table, tray and mobile desk surface features of goDesk®.

There are also new product introductions in the travel tray space, with pricing up to $69 per unit. However, though these products offer some utility, all fall short of the flexibility and functionality delivered by goDesk® proprietary and patent pending design.

Define the new standard for luggage functionality with goDesk®.

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