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Instant Desk Space.
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Compatible with most
4-wheel roller luggage.

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The Portable Desk that’s Changing Travel

Create your space. Anytime, anywhere with goDesk®. goDesk® attaches to most telescoping luggage handles to provide an instant table suitable for laptop, meals or most anything requiring a stable surface. goDesk weighs only 1 lb., supports up to 12 lbs. with a pop-up media stand and slide-out cup holder.

The goDesk® is compatible with most all 4-wheel roller luggage.

We built goDesk® to fit as many major pull luggage models as possible. Sit back and enjoy your new portable workstation.

You can always view our compatibility list here.

Transforming Travel

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Our Customers Share How goDesk® Makes Travel Better

I have made some of my best sales pitches in impromptu locations thanks to goDesk. As a mobile workspace goDesk lets me bring and balance everything I need anytime I need it.

Rich W.

Traveling with my goDesk gives me an extra pair of hands to care for my twins. It’s easy to hold them in my lap and let my goDesk hold everything else.

Kate S.

Before goDesk, I'd have to walk miles around the airport to find usable desk space for my laptop and work documents. goDesk turned airport wait time into useful work time.

Jordan J.

Simply put, I get more work done. No more fighting for space. No more working while standing. Productivity is up and I am happier.

Michael M.

My old luggage did not have a pull out desk attachment, I would try to use my lap as a desk but end up frustrated. Now I simply find any available seat and work from my goDesk.

Dan J.



For anyone who is always on the go.
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Ships Fast! Delivered in 2-3 days

goDesk® makes business travel better.

All business travelers run into the same problems when working on the go. Computer perched on your lap, work papers spread on the floor, food squeezed and spilling from your hands. You expect this when you leave the office with your standard roller bag. goDesk® is different. goDesk® gives you immediate desk space no matter what airport you find yourself in.

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