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goDesk® represents multiple paths to new growth by enabling OEM companies and distributers to capture new market share, generate incremental revenue and increase product margins.

What is goDesk?

goDesk is a unique, patent pending product that transforms virtually any roller luggage case into a mobile office. goDesk was designed with manufacturers, distributors and direct sellers in mind to help capture the expanding travel office and travel convenience market segment. goDesk brings innovative OEM compatible products and user-installed after-market products.

Is goDesk a specialized piece of roller luggage?

Even better. goDesk is an ultra-lightweight, super-strong “add-on” product allowing OEM companies to incorporate goDesk into standard roller luggage product lines with virtually no modification to existing product specs or manufacturing process. No changes are required to the luggage grip, no changes to luggage poles or handle mechanisms, no changes to the luggage shell, interior or structure.

What makes goDesk different from other travel office products?

Other mobile office products are dedicated, single–purpose units that cost many multiples of goDesk while providing a fraction of goDesk’s functionality. These dedicated “mobile office” products typically weigh many pounds more than traditional roller luggage, have less than half the usable packing space that traditional roller luggage, and can cost hundreds of dollars more. Pay more for less? Not with goDesk!

How Does goDesk work?

goDesk is ready for use with the touch of a button once installed. goDesk’s tri-fold desk top and unique hinging allows it to store conveniently inside the roller luggage case between the luggage poles when not in use. goDesk’s patent pending design features an expandable “desk” surface, perfect for your laptop, tablet or work papers…also ideal for holding your breakfast, lunch or snack as you wait for your flight.

Travelers today are more conscious than ever about weight and size of their carry-on luggage…what’s goDesk’s answer?

goDesk is ultra-lightweight at less than 14 oz. Its patent pending designs allow goDesk to store safely and securely inside the luggage case between the poles and goDesk requires no modification to luggage size, dimensions, luggage poles or handles. goDesk is fully TSA compliant and is compatible with virtually all brands of soft-side roller luggage.

So no TSA issues, right?

goDesk is fully TSA compliant. goDesk is engineered and manufactured with TSA approved materials such as ABS plastic and rubberized polymers already found in off-the-shelf roller luggage. goDesk adds less than 14 oz. to a standard roller luggage bag and goDesk ingeniously stores with a touch of a button inside the luggage case—between the luggage poles—and therefore does not change the external dimensions of the roller luggage.

Is goDesk ready for market now? How do I get involved?

goDesk is fulfilling orders soon. goDesk offers multiple paths to new growth enabling OEM companies, distributers and retailers to capture new market share, generate incremental revenue and increase product margins immediately. You can contract directly with goDesk to supply sale-ready units—we can take care of the manufacturing for you. Or if you prefer to integrate your supply chain, you can license goDesk patent pending designs, manufacturing plans and computer software models to manufacture goDesk yourself.

What if I’m not a manufacturer but love the idea of bringing goDesk to market?

We like your thinking! As you know, there is an existing base of roller luggage easily exceeding 15 million pieces, all waiting to be upgraded with goDesk. And every year, more than five million more units are being sold. goDesk is available as a complete after-market kit allowing manufacturers, distributers or retailers to offer goDesk as a user-installable retrofit to existing soft-side roller luggage. With only a screwdriver and 10 minutes, any consumer can capture a life-time of enhanced function and convenience from their existing luggage by installing goDesk.

What was the motivation behind creating goDesk?

Travel and work are more intertwined today than ever—the mobility mega-trend means that for millions of professionals, their work place is defined by where they are. goDesk transforms virtually any roller luggage bag into a mobile office, delivering an expandable work surface which stores easily and securely inside the luggage case.

What about the casual or leisure traveler…is goDesk for them as well?

Yes, definitely. goDesk also delivers the convenience and functionality all travelers want. The goDesk expandable surface makes traveling for anyone more convenient. Use goDesk as a portable food surface for breakfast, lunch or dinner…use it to for your mobile tablet…with load tested strength and no-tip stability up to 16 lbs., it’s up to you to find the limit of goDesk possibilities.

How did goDesk come to life? Tell me a bit about the team behind goDesk.

The goDesk design team comprises a diverse, multi-faceted group of engineers and consumer application designers with expertise in a large number of consumer applications. Design team members have lead breakthrough innovations in other areas such as drone engineering. The team leveraged tools and methods aimed at design flexibility to envision and create goDesk such that components can be produced cost-effectively with accelerated time-to-market.

What price point is envisioned for goDesk and can we make money with goDesk?

Unit sales of many carry-on luggage categories have decreased in recent years, but at the same time unit value has increased significantly—signaling a clear trend line that suggests luggage consumers will buy based upon value. goDesk delivers value through increased features and functionality. And with an extremely low cost to manufacture the gross margin profitability potential on goDesk is very high, even with a modest suggested retail price.

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The goDesk® team is planning on a Spring 2016 product introduction and welcomes you to participate as a licensee or via other commercial arrangements.

Additional secured content on the design and engineering process, including detailed patent search findings, product design drawings, product stress test results, and more is available to those with qualified interest.

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