goDesk® Growth platform

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goDesk® represents multiple paths to new growth by enabling OEM companies and distributers to capture new market share, generate incremental revenue and increase product margins.

In addition to an OEM option, goDesk® products are designed and engineered to be marketed and sold as value-added after-market upgrades to standard carry-on luggage. goDesk® is designed to appeal to the vast existing base of consumers whom already own a carry-on luggage, a target base eclipsing 8 million according to industry analysis when including purchasers from the past three years alone. And in addition, goDesk® can be marketed as a highly-functional travel accessory on a go-forward basis to new luggage consumers, translating to additional market opportunity. The after-market sales potential for goDesk® easily exceeds $150m.

Get in the Action

goDesk® could drive $150m in revenue gains for a single company over a 3-year period—get your piece of the action!

Market share gain from product differentiation

As competition increases in the carry-on luggage category, unit sales volumes are facing headwinds; however at the same time, unit sales value is increasing. goDesk® enables the manufacturer to elevate market share either by: 1) capturing incremental unit volumes due to dramatic product differentiation when a standard luggage case is enhanced with goDesk®, or 2) commanding increased unit sales price because of the increased value of the luggage piece with goDesk® integrated. Even growing market share by a few basis points or adding value pricing of a few dollars per unit, the incremental sales potential of goDesk® grows quickly to more than $190m even under conservative planning assumptions.

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Curious about further discussions about this exciting new product, goDesk®?

Keep in mind that an existing roller luggage market easily exceeding 15 million units is waiting…waiting to be upgraded with goDesk®!

And imagine if the tens-of-millions of roller luggage units being sold each and every year were fitted with goDesk®!

Now are you interested?

goDesk® is available for licensing or sale of its patent pending technology and other commercial matters. We are willing to discuss terms and are open to exclusive and non-exclusive licensing.

We foster opportunities beneficial to all in its licensing, sales, or other commercial matters. We have designed exciting licensing and ownership options to match many lucrative marketing, sales and product distribution scenarios, including:

  • OEM license, investment and ownership options
  • Individual product license options
  • Group product license options
  • Retail, resale and distribution options

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