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goDesk® Products
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Worldwide freight services

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goDesk® could drive $150m in revenue gains for your company over a 3-year period—own the action!


goDesk® was designed and engineered by award winning design team, including design engineers with grants for top secret military contracts


Three goDesk® form factors with patent pending design innovations present huge market potential and product differentiation.

How goDesk® can help you Transform the Travel Experience

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Create a Tailwind

The global market for carry-on luggage has increased significantly in recent years, and according to industry research easily exceeds $6B annually. Travelers require increased features and functionality, and are willing to pay for the associated value. Enter goDesk®.

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Transforming Travel

According to travel experts—experienced travelers, travel writers, and luggage manufacturers alike—the need is now for increased functionality, value and convenience features focused specifically on enhancing the travel experience. goDesk® delivers.

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Exceed Purchasing Expectations

goDesk® was designed to address these essential characteristics…the features and functionality that are the most important design elements affecting luggage purchases: Lightweight, convertability, space saving, custom colors and more.

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Define a New Standard

There are new product introductions in the travel tray space, with pricing up to $69 per unit and dedicated travel office products costing hundreds of dollars. However, though these products offer some utility, all fall short of the flexibility and functionality delivered by goDesk® proprietary and patent pending design.

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It started with “why”…a global management consultant, an industrial engineer, a housewife, a few millennials and a couple of close friends

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    Product Inception

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    Proof of Concept

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    Research Partnership

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    Component Design and Engineering

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    Production Feasibility and Stress Testing

icon First, capture the idea…why not transform the travelers' experience using what they already were carrying with them—their standard roller luggage! Nearly 40 renderings, sketches and scratchings—not a piece of artwork among them—confirmed the concept and the journey had begun!
icon Next was bringing the notion to life…yes, in our basement using a hack saw, Super Glue and household materials to develop the proof of concept. And it worked! goDesk® could be strong, stable, hyper-light, and ultra functional…all while being fitted with standard off-the-shelf luggage. Ok, we’ve got something here!
icon The first breakthroughs came when we teamed with a major university, leveraging the priceless brainpower of more than 15 engineering students and graduate assistants, armed with out-of-the-box thinking that fueled advanced design options. Core elements, function and performance were all tested.
icon What came next were design iterations using an additive manufacturing approach, with computer-aided design software and advanced tools. Rapid prototyping using 3D printing enabled simplicity of design, efficiency of manufacture with optimum functionality.
icon Finally, now that we proved that goDesk® could be engineered, we needed to demonstrate we could make it! And would goDesk® deliver the strength and stability needed, would it hold up to usage patterns, withstand load and durability expectations…a resounding YES across the board!

goDesk® transforms standard roller luggage

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